The Reverse Angbao


GOLD – CCA NexGen 48-Hour Challenge 



To introduce seniors to the importance of strength training, and get them to join Gym Tonic – a senior training gym.



Seniors are often reluctant to try new things on their own. But, many seniors are grandparents, who share a special bond with their grandchildren. They tend to be more receptive to their grandchildren’s requests.


During Asian festivities (e.g. Chinese New Year), it is custom for the young to wish older folk better health and prosperity. The senior will then give an angbao (money envelope) to them. 


Common phrases to older folks on Chinese New Year are often greetings on health:

reverse angpao-06.png

Wishing you great health

Wishing you great vigour

Wishing you great strength


This year, let’s not just wish our old folks good health. Let’s gift our old folks good health.

reverse angpao-07.png

Get grandchildren to break custom and gift back our older folks an angbao – a gift of good health with Gym Tonic.

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With new year’s festivities like Chinese New Year around the corner, we will start distributing angbaos in schools to students. On the day itself, these kids will wish their grandparents good health – and break custom by giving the older folk the angbao.

.The seniors will open the angbao and learn more about the benefits of strength training with Gym Tonic – dedicated from their grandkids to them.


The slip also grants them a free one-time entry to the facilityor any on-ground Gym Tonic event.

reverse angpao-09.png

Widen distribution of Angbaos

These angbaos can be distributed:

  • In Schools

  • In Offices

  • As Printable Angbao templates online



After turning families into advocates, the next step is to have them bring their seniors on-ground to try Gym Tonic – and become their workout partners. 

Seniors are more likely to try Gym Tonic if they know their children/ grandchildren will be working out together with them.


Gym Tonic can collaborate with schools and set up their strength-training equipment at the school hall. Schools can then designate a day where children can bring their grandparents along and work out together at PE sessions. 

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Gym Tonic can collaborate with gyms (e.g. FitnessFirst) and place their equipment near to theirs.

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Agency: DDB, Singapore

Copywriter: Judy Au