National Steps Challenge


Health Promotion Board


The National Steps Challenge Campaign is an initiative by the Health Promotion Board of Singapore to get Singaporeans to walk more and stay healthy.


 Our daily lives are made up of walks - to the bathroom, to the copier, to get a cup of coffee, while cleaning the house, while grocery shopping, it goes on and on. Staying healthy is, literally, a walk in the park.


Make every step count.


If we're already walking for a variety of reasons, like mall hopping during the Great Singapore Sale (happens in June, by the way), why not walk a little bit more and be rewarded for it? 

A video was seeded online when the campaign launched, a call for Singaporeans to start walking (any way they want) and count their steps to earn rewards.

How the Challenge works: 

Sign up for the challenge via  the Healthy365 app on your smartphone for a small fee, receive a tracker, and start walking to count your steps which can be exchanged for vouchers.

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ONLINE: #my10ktoday 

From all walks of life - Singaporeans responded to the call and started talking about it online. Tagging their posts and photos #my10ktoday, they showed off their trackers, their progress, and their walks, both in and out of the country. 


ONGROUND: In-train and In-Station

We took over the floor of train carriages with outdoor scenes to remind people of various places where one could go enjoy a nature walk. For commuters standing by the door of the trains, instructions at the entrance urged them to walk over to the center of the carriage to get the best view of the 3D scene..


Path and Stair of lights 

Interactive sections Dhoby Ghaut Station converted travellator and escalator riders to walkers.


Agency: DDB, Singapore